Birdy goes in search of a new guest for his show, but things quickly go south when he finds himself in the hands of Rawling City’s group of extremist rich people: the Doombringers.

Created and Written by: Edward Pronley

Executive Producer: Sachal Siddique Ali

Co-Producers: Emma Keehan and Caitlin Raether


Edward Pronley as Birdy Flies and Elliot

Vance Dahl as Cliff Mason

Caitlin Raether as Elise

Emma Keehan as Hen and Marcy

Elaine Edwards as Susan

Sachal Siddique Ali as Stefan

Ben Jaeger as Gregor and Fleece

Carrie Pronley as Murph

Daniel Pronley as Patroler Sampson

Intro Song “Join the Fight”:

Written by: Vance Dahl and Edward Pronley

Performed by: Caitlin Dahl

Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by: Rob Pelger

Outro Song “Insomniac” Cover:

Written by: Billy Pilgrim

Performed by: Edward Pronley and Sachal Siddique Ali

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