Emergency Council Election

The Council of the New Republic has recently impeached Greg Guy!

We must hold an emergency election to find a new councilmember!

The current candidates include:

Hen Flies, the leader of the Resistance Army

Rima Seif, a dedicated member of our military and accomplished citizen

and because our current Constitution is in-between drafts –

Greg Guy, former councilmember.

Learn About The Candidates

Cast Your Vote Below!

Disclaimer: The New Republic does not currently have a great system for voting. We know this is not the most secure way of doing it. So, look, we’re doing the honor system here!


There will be:

  • No refreshing of cookies to vote again
  • No hacking the system to change who voted for whom
  • No complaining or changing your vote if you accidentally clicked on the wrong name (like – c’mon)
  • On that same note, no standing outside of voting centers for hours on end hoping someone from the opposing party will be kind enough to vote for your candidate, so your votes cancel each other out – only to find out later that they just got hired in the same building as you and there’s kind of this back and forth “will they won’t they” until that love story is eventually forgotten about by the show’s writers.

Polls close on September 15th at 11:59PM. Sign up for our newsletter below to see the results!

Encoding…. Delivering…
Welcome to the Resistance!

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