About The Candidate: Rima Seif

The Common Party’s Beliefs

The Common Party was founded shortly after the Resistance was reborn. They pride themselves on basing their beliefs on “common sense”.

Some of their most popular beliefs include:

  • All animals should be leashed, including but not limited to dogs, cats, turtles, parrots, and ferrets.
  • Every football game should be a national holiday.
  • All books should be unbanned, except for books about insects – cause ew.
  • All garbage days will be moved to Friday so it fits naturally into people’s weekly schedules.

Rima’s Beliefs

Rima’s main political beliefs do not vary too much from the party’s beliefs. However, in recent interviews and talks with other councilmembers, Rima mentioned that parrots should not be allowed outside of their cage, leash or not.

She also mentioned that the party should be more specific about whether they mean American or European football to ensure the New Republic begins from a place of inclusivity.

An Interview With The Candidate

Why do you think you’re the strongest candidate for this position?

The Common Party stands for “Common Sense”. I am, literally, the candidate that makes the most sense for the people. We don’t make stupid rules, and I don’t intend to start once I take a seat on the council.

Makes sense to me.

Thank you.

What have you done for the New Republic that makes you qualified to serve on the council?

Well, outside of volunteering for the Resistance Army, serving meals to refugees of President Star’s Government, and tutoring underprivileged children, in my free time I also teach Ceramics every Wednesday.

You have a heart of gold.

I’m just doing what I can – for the people.


*Rima hands the interviewer a tissue*

God, you’re good. So, anything else you want to tell the voters?

Yes. Ceramics is cancelled this week.

You are a blessing.

Thank you. And thank you for your time.

No, thank YOU!

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