About The Candidate: Hen Flies

The Rebel Party’s Beliefs

The Rebel Party is the newest political party formed in the New Republic. Founded by the Leader of the Resistance Army, Hen Flies, the party is focused on taking action, fighting oppression, and removing the authoritarian Government, led by President Star.

They believe actions are stronger than words and that it’s time for the Council of the New Republic to step in and use the army they have in front of them.

Hen’s Beliefs

Hen’s personal beliefs do not differ from the party’s beliefs. However, when announcing her run for Councilmember, she used words and not actions. So, we’ve yet to see her lead by example.

An Interview With The Candidate

Why do you think you’re the strongest candidate for this position?

I believe that some of our elected Councilmembers have intentionally stalled our Government from taking action against the oppresive force of President Star. Whenever a vote of military action is brought to the table, the Council stays at a standstill –

I’m sorry, you’re out of time.

Out of time? What do you mean?

I’ll be asking the questions, thank you. What do you hope to get out of a council position?

Um – nothing.

You don’t want it?

No, I do! I’m just running to help the people – not myself.

We’ll see. Your opponent, Greg Guy, has offered voters $5 to each of them if he wins. Can you exceed that offer?

No, that’s insane.

Can you match that offer?

I’m not bribing the voters!

Pity. How do you feel about murder?

Um – I’m – I’m against it.

You hesitated.

It was a strange question.

You think it’s strange to have an opinion on murder?

Is this actually the interview? Am I being pranked?

What is something you’d like your voters to know?

A vote for me is a vote for progress and a vote for better interviewers.